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Folkenstal – Creative Projects with Cosplayflex (E-Book)

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Digital E-Book - (PDF) With this book you’ll find all informations about all released... mehr
Produktinformationen "Folkenstal – Creative Projects with Cosplayflex (E-Book)"

Digital E-Book - (PDF)

With this book you’ll find all informations about all released Cosplayflex products.
This thermoplastic material is very popular among armor and prop makers and it’s used in movie and theaters as well to build props.
My book gives you an easy entry to understand and work with the product range of Cosplayflex.
I’ll show you various techniques and give you tips and tricks, show you how to paint, and dye your projects.
So you get a solid know-how to start with your first projects.
Happy crafting!

table of contents:

  • Basic knowledge
    what are thermoplastics?
    reference sources worldwide

  • Preparation
    work place & tools

  • Introduction
    Cosplayflex product range
    Cosplayflex Classic
    Cosplayflex Clear
    Cosplayflex Pebbles and Crystal
    Cosplayflex Meshcast
    Cosplayflex Foam

  • Practical tips
    priming and painting
    color the material
    storage & handling
    glossary for materials
    closing words
    other works and books

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