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The Monstrous Makeup Manual - Book #2

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What will I learn in Book 2? This all-new (and I mean ALL NEW!) sequel features unique makeups... mehr
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What will I learn in Book 2?

This all-new (and I mean ALL NEW!) sequel features unique makeups created just for Book 2 by:

OSCAR and EMMY winner Joel Harlow (Star Trek, All 4 Pirates of the Caribbean films, Lone Ranger, and Johnny Depp’s personal makeup artist) creating an original “fish man” creature using all silicone prosthetics. 

Here’s what Joel had to say about Book 2:

"Mike has once again delivered a wealth of undeniable makeup wisdom, that will benefit all artists from the novice to the seasoned professional. “Book 2” will fortify it readers with a cornucopia of tools and techniques for tackling almost any makeup challenge. As artists, we should always strive to expand our knowledge and skill. Regardless of how much we might “think” we know, there is always more to learn....And there is much to learn within these pages.


Book 2 is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for letting me be involved in it and please save me some pages in book 3 when that happens!!!"

Joel Harlow, Best Makeup Oscar and Multiple EMMY Winner

Personal Makeup Artist to Johny Depp
Also in Book 2, OSCAR and EMMY winner Steve Laporte  (Beetlejuice, Terminator 2, Lost, Longmire) demonstrates some of the most amazingly realistic (and yet simple) casualty makeup techniques

As well as EMMY Award Winner Eryn Krueger Mekash (American Horror Story, Glee, Nip/Tuck) presents an easy to duplicate, very scary aged gothic vampire. Very Creepy!!
All the makeups are presented in the very same ridiculously easy to understand, complete step-by-step method as Book 1. With over 1200 photos (500 more photos than Book 1) to illustrate every bit!
Plus, so many other amazing contributing artists, with makeups and techniques by original author Mike Spatola.

We've captured the most detailed and complete tutorial ever produced for making high-end dentures by Teen Wolf’s Chris Gallaher.

Some of the new stuff includes:

*  ALL NEW MONSTERS!!! - From Subtle to Extreme!      
*  Chapters on more advanced mold making techniques
*  A very detailed chapter on painting prosthetics and monsters   
*  More techniques for making the world’s greatest dentures
*  Creating disguise makeups, likeness makeups, and obtaining complete realism in your makeups.
*  Expanded and more detailed entire chapter on age makeup without the use of prosthetics
*  All the advanced prosthetic techniques will be expanded upon using encapsulated silicone, gelatin, foam latex and pros-aide transfers, and NEW DIRECT MOLD TRANSFERS (this one technique alone is well worth this small price of the book!)
*  PLUS I've dedicated an entire chapter to Haunted House makeup techniques.Great for Halloween, Zombie Walks, and professional Haunted House attractions. If you own or work in a haunt, you'll want these techniques!


We'll even discuss exactly how to light and photograph your makeups to have your portfolio look amazing, with light diagram and all.

Much of this stuff we wanted to show you in Book 1, but honestly, there just wasn't enough room. In every way, this volume will blow away the first!


PLEASE NOTE- this is not simply a "2nd Edition" rehashing of the same stuff. This is a completely NEW book!

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