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The Monstrous Makeup Manual - Book #1

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What Will I Learn in The Monstrous Makeup Manual ?     LOTS!! ... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Monstrous Makeup Manual - Book #1"

What Will I Learn in The Monstrous Makeup Manual ?



LOTS!!  Everything from where to get your supplies to basics, paint and powder make-ups, a ton of 3-D Out of the Kit techniques, full 3-D construction make-ups, to taking face casts, sculpting, making molds, and creating prothetic appliances out of foam latex, encapsulated silicone and even the latest technology of Prosthetic Transfers. And finally, finished Prosthetic Make-ups using the different types of appliances. There’s over 26 different finished make-ups in this book, and about a bazillion techniques to learn! And, best of all, it’s written in plain English without a lot of technical jargon, and over 750 photos to illustrate the techniques used.




“It’s excellent and very detail oriented. Don’t change a thing! This is an excellent manual for professionals as well as amateurs alike. Great Job!” 

Oscar and EMMY Award winner, Matthew Mungle, Los Angeles, CA

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